EasyGirls is a dating site with a difference!

How does it work?

At EasyGirls we work with some of the biggest dating sites in the UK to locate girls who are actively looking for casual, no-strings sex! We're not interested in the type of girls you can take home to meet your Mum, we're only interested in girls who think like you – a few drinks, a few laughs then back home to wake the neighbours!.

What does this mean for you?

We'll ONLY show you profiles of girls who are actually up for it, saving you time and effort and increasing your chances of getting laid!

You have nothing to lose

Sign up for free today and browse through 1000s of girls profiles. If no-one takes your fancy, you've only wasted a couple of minutes and it's cost you nothing. If you see a few hot LOCAL GIRLS you think you'd like to meet, send them a wink and see what happens...

Looking for easy sex?

If you're looking to meet lots of easy girls who'll be up for having sex with you then you've come to the right site. EasyGirls is one of the top adult dating sites in the UK boasting over 1.2 million active members. As you will see from the testimonials above thousands of UK singles have already hooked up on the site and more do so every single day. You may wonder why this site is so successful at introducing like-minded people? The reason is that all the fun girls registered on the site are actively looking for casual sex partners. How can you tell? It says so in their profiles! All you need to do is tell them why it's be you they should be shagging and not some other guy and you're off and running. If you're interested in adult dating UK you definitely need to give us a try. Just fill in your details in the sign up box above and you can be browsing all our female profiles in less than 30 seconds - and it costs nothing to sign up too (see below). EasyGirls is one of the most popular free sex dating sites with a huge active membership that's growing all the time. It's free to join and free to search and browse girls' profiles - it's a website you should try if you're interested in meeting horny single (or sometimes attached) females who live near you for no strings hook ups. Most guys assume that there aren't many women with really high sex drives who seek out new partners all the time, and even if there were, they would never sign up on a site like this. Well, we're here to tell you that there literally thousands (including plenty in your neighbourhood) and they sign up on sites like this all the time! They know exactly what they want so they need to find a steady stream of guys to satisfy their needs - they just want hassle free sex sessions with like-minded guys.

Why is adult local dating better?

The reason is, because we have thousands of women registered throughout the UK you're bound to find someone in your local area. Once you sign up you'll be able to start searching and browsing girls' profiles right away. Just input your postcode and the site will show you all the girls nearby who are actively looking for local sex. Then all you need to do is set up your profile with as much info as possible (and ideally at least one profile picture as profiles with pictures get 80% more views than those without). So how does an adult personals site like this work? The way it works is, people join EasyGirls for free then create their profiles - these are a little like the old-style 'personals' ads you see in the newspaper (if you still buy one which you probably don't). The profiles tend to have a lot more detail though as, unlike the newspaper, they don't have to pay by the word to place their dating ads. In their profiles members will list lots of information about themselves as well as pictures and sometimes video of themselves. They will list their likes and dislikes and what they are looking for in a partner. In the case of a site like this one, they will also list their sexual preferences and fantasies. As an example, recent member Michelle from North Yorkshire lists her interests as "Night clubs, Strip clubs, Fetish clubs, Adult movies at home, Swinging parties, Dogging, Oral - receiving, Oral - giving, Anal, Mutual Play, Role Playing, Voyeurism, Public games and Orgies". No mention of dinner and a movie you'll notice - she just wants to go to a strip club and then home to suck your cock before you bend her over the table and fuck her hard up the arse! We're sure you get the picture. So how does a site like this differ from regular hook-up sites - the ones you see advertised on TV? Regular sites are great if you're looking to meet the chick of your dreams, the kind of girl you'd maybe want to marry. When you join a site like that you set up your profile with a view to meeting a girl for a long-term relationship and list all the interests you think may also be important for her too. Joining a site like this is totally different - the whole idea of casual sex UK sites is you can cut to the chase and say you're looking for easy sex without jeopardizing your chances of success as the ladies we have registered are looking for the exact same thing. You can list exactly what you do and don't like with a view to finding a perfect sexual match. Are you looking for a bird who likes to get it missionary position in the comfort of her own bed or one who wants you to take her up the arse in Morrisons car park? (other supermarket car parks are available) They'll all here. You just have to be clear about what it is you're looking for and see who fits the bill. You can list all your sexual interests and fantasies safe in the knowledge that no-one is going to be offended - quite the opposite, easy girls like it if you are up-front about what you want as that's the way they are too.

Is online adult dating right for you?

If you're looking into this kind of site you'll almost certainly be asking yourself if online adult dating is right for you? The answer really depends on what you are looking for and your personality type. As you're looking at a site like this it would seem safe to assume that you are looking for casual sexual relationships with local girls. It's unlikely you're looking to meet the girl of your dreams although, finding a girl who can suck your cock like a hoover could always lead to a long-term relationship if you're not careful :-) In order to make the most of a site like this you need to be open about what you want and not afraid to approach girls via our messaging system. The guys who have the most success are always the ones who are pro-active in approaching girls. Girls, even easy ones, like to be flattered so go ahead and tell them how sexy you think they are. A little flattery goes a long way in this game so don't be shy - if you think a girl is hot, tell her so!

Find an easy shag with no strings attached

So how is no strings attached dating different? Put simply, both you and the girls you meet on the site are not looking for any kind of relationship or commitment beyond hooking up for sex. If you meet someone you really like to fuck, of course you may want to keep on fucking her - that's totally up to you. The beauty of this kind of site is there's no pressure. If you want to meet up again you can you can agree that between you, if you'd rather just get back on the site and look for your next conquest, that's entirely your choice and there will be no hard feelings.

Many people assume that there are no girls who think the same as guys ie they just want to meet guys, fuck them and then move on without looking back. The truth is there are loads of single girls out there who think just like you, you just have to know where to look to find them. There are thousands of girls who, just like you, want to experiment sexually with lots of different partners without the risk of their one-night-stands falling for them and bombarding them with phone calls and texts for months afterwards.

So now you know what adult dating online is all about, go ahead and sign up for free and see who you can meet. Happy hunting!